Sunday, 22 April 2012

Falling for Kendall Schmidt :)

Hari ni best sangat sebab ada latihan teater :)

Got stories that Kendall called me cute :D

So... This is my crush. He's cute, isn't he ?
His name is Kendall Francis Schmidt. My friends had a hard time to pronounce his last name, Schmidt.

However, darlings. I don't...
It's because I already liked the name Schmidt from Beilschmidt.
That's an anime character's name.
Gilbert Beilschmidt.

Well, this is Gilbert Beilschmidt.. Or the personification of Prussia :)
That's why I can pronounce his name without effort. Kinda~
Whatever !

The thing is, I'm in LOVE with Kendall Francis Schmidt, and that's final babes :)

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